Dead Solitare

Solitaire was a black female cat who was the mate to Kong. She was murdered while heavily pregnant with kittens by Claudandus.


Solitaire was a solid black, she-cat. She had ice blue eyes and appeared to be a European Shorthair like the other cats who were murdered before her.


Before her death, Solitaire was mates with Kong and perhaps another male, shortly before dying. She was Kong's "favorite girl".

Solitaire is first seen dead, with her throat slit and her pregnant belly ripped open. Francis happens upon her while fleeing from her mate, Kong. When Kong sees her, however, he forgets about harassing Francis and now has a personal interest in taking down the murderer.


  • It is possibly the kittens were sired by a Felidae, which would make her a target for murder as her kittens would be cross-bred.
  • Solitaire's breed is a European Shorthair.
  • She is named after a game of cards or a diamond.