Name Sascha
Species Cat
Status Deceased
Affiliation Traghyahn (mate)
Alignment Good

Sascha was a male cat who was murdered by Claudandus. Bluebeard and Francis find his body just outside the former's house. His throat had been shredded shortly after mating Traghyahn.


Sascha was a black, European Shorthair cat. He had a creamy underbelly that contrasts sharply with his sooty fur. His muzzle and the area around his eyes were also a creamy coloration.




Not much is known about Sascha, as he is found dead and never seen alive.

It is known that he was pursuing a female of the Felidae breed, which would ultimately lead to his death. This female was called Traghyahn, whom he mated with in spite of warnings from the killer. The killer did not approve of him, a normal "non royal" feline breeding with the superior Felidae cats and after failing to convince him to give up chase of the lady, he murders him by shredding his throat.

Bluebeard and Francis find him shortly after, in the backyard underneath a tree.


  • On Claudandus' computer, Sascha's name is entered as Pascha.