Name Pepeline
Species Cat
Status Alive
Affiliation Joker (grandfather)
Alignment Good

Pepeline is a small kitten who appears in the later half of the film. She is Joker's great-granddaughter. Her name is revealed in the book.


Pepeline is kitten with white fur, yellow-green eyes, and a blue color about her neck. She strongly resembles Felicity, and may be some parts the same breed: Russian Blue.


Pepeline is never seen for long so nothing for certain can be said about her personality. However, she appears to have a childlike innocence, which is juxtaposed to the dark subject she speaks on.


When Francis gathers the cats together to tell them all he believes Joker to be the one behind the murders, Pepeline chimes in and claims that the martyr Claudandus is still alive. When asked to explain further, she tells Francis and all the cats gathered that Joker told her that Claudandus challenged and killed the monster holding him prisoner.


Pepeline tells Francis what she knows

Pascal quickly challenges and discredits her story, however, and the rabble of cats take his word over hers.


  • Her breed is similar to that of Felicity, appearance wise, with the eyes being the only difference.
  • She is Joker's great granddaughter.