Name Nhozemphtekh
Species Cat
Status Alive
Affiliation Claudandus (formerly) Francis
Alignment Good

Nhozemphtekh is a mysterious female cat who seduces Francis. She is of the new breed, Felidae. She is also thought to be the female that went around seducing males, only for Claudandus to then find and kill those males.


Nhozemphtekh's personality is hard to ascertain, as she is very briefly seen and then never again. She is mysterious and seductive, but those are the only things that can be said for sure.


Striking against the rest of the cast, Nhozemphtekh has blazing yellow eyes and golden fur. A dark stripe of gold runs down her back and colors the tip of her tail. Her body is colored black in places, such as near her tail's end, ears, and eyes. Her belly and muzzle are lighter, sandy golden colors. She wears a blue color.


After Francis has a nightmare, Nhozemphtekh calls for him not far from where he rests. The two cats size each other up, then mate. Afterwards, Francis is curious about who she is and how she knows him, but she is not interested in answering these questions. Francis doesn't push her further and returns to mating with her.

She is never seen again after this.

It is revealed by Claudandus that she was specifically sent to find and seduce Francis to sway him to the old cat's side. Ultimately, this failed and only led Francis closer to the truth.