Name Kong
Species Cat
Status Alive
Affiliation Hermann and Hermann
Alignment Evil

Kong is a large stray cat and one that antagonizes Francis and Bluebeard. Hermann and Hermann and often seen at his side and the tertiary antagonist of Felidae.


Kong is a cat notably larger than all other cats, even Bluebeard, who is considerably stout. He is orange and white with yellow eyes and a brown masking of fur over his face. His paws are brown.


Kong was an antagonistic and aggressive cat. He bothered Bluebeard and Francis for no reason, threatening the latter for no reason as well. He later attacks Francis because the smaller cat "didn't respect him" and doesn't care about the murders until his mate is killed.


While out investigating, Bluebeard and Francis run into the Hermanns and Kong. The big cat makes to fight Bluebeard, but then Francis jumps into. He backs down, amused, and promises to see Francis again "in the near future".

He appears again after Francis finds the VHS recording of Julius Preterius' experiments on cats and chases the smaller cat for disrespecting him earlier. The chase leads him to the mutilated body of Solitaire. Weeping for his dead mate, he quickly grows angry and develops an interest in finding and similarly mutilating the killer.


  • His apelike movement, size, and name may be a reference to King Kong.
  • Kong is voiced by Wolfgang Hess in the German version.
  • His breed is a Colorpoint.
  • He has sidekicks named Hermann and Hermann.