Name Julius Preterius
Species Human
Status Deceased
Affiliation Ziebold (formerly) Claudandus (formerly) Dr. Gray (formerly)
Alignment Evil

Julius Preterius was the lead scientist in charge of a flesh binding glue. To test his creation, he subjected stray cats to many painful, often fatal procedures.


Peterius was a fair skinned man with strong, but wrinkled features. He had short grey hair and a prominent chin.


Julius was a determined and unfettered man, but he was prone to frustration and fits of temper. He often drank while he experiment, usually in proportion to how poorly his experiments were going. He did not seem to care for the cats or the pain he caused them, with Claudandus only being a slight exception to this. He, too, eventually ended up on the experimenting table. Julius, between his failings, drinking, and being abandoned by his fellow scientist, eventually goes mad.


Julius and a team of scientist use stray cats to test a skin binding glue, but it's a losing battle as all of their subjects die. One stray cat they find named Claudandus, however, survives and later kills him when the scientist -- now drunk and mad with frustration -- lets the cat out of his confines, as the cat began talking to him.

Julius also appears in one of Francis' dreams as a faceless man who traps him in a iron collar and metal chains.


  • Julius mentions developing a "new, extraordinary race of cats". It is possible he came up with the idea of Felidae and that Claudandus only set it in motion.
  • His last name is Preterius.