Name Hector
Species Dog
Status Deceased
Affiliation Francis
Alignment Good

Hector is a character in Cave Canem. He is a Dog and the partner of Francis in the third book.


Hector is an ex-police dog, old and varying shades of brown. He isn't as intelligent as Francis, but he is notable in that he doesn't lack the supposed long-standing bone-deep hatred for cats that dogs do. While Francis is slow to warm to him, Hector is polite, friendly, and a loyal companion to the cat. These traits eventually help him win Francis' trust and respect.


During his military days, Hector and team of other dogs were involved in peacekeeping operations after the Yugoslavian Wars. The brutality of it affected them all, but Hector the least. Hector was owned by a man named General Horch, who was accused of the killings. It's eventually discovered that a man named Mars is the culprit; Francis and Hector try and take him down.

Hector is badly wounded and killed in the process. However, during his last moments, Francis finally admits his fondness for the dog before he dies.


  • Hector's breed is unknown, but the dog silhoutte on the cover of the book could either be a Great Dane, Boxer, or maybe a Doberman.
  • Hector, like Claudandus, may have been a mutant, which is why he isn't horrifically deformed like his teammates thanks to Uranium bullets.