Director and Producer Michael Schaack, Hanno Huth
Story by Akif Pirinçci
Distributor Senator Film Distribution
Release Date November 3, 1994
Run Time 82 minutes
Felidae was an adult animation that came out in 1994. Based on the Novel of the same name, it starred Francis and his investigation into a series of grizzly murders.


Francis is a housecat, moving to a new neighborhood with his owner, Gustav. Shortly after arriving to the house, he stumbles upon the corpse of a cat who's been murdered. Simultaneously, he makes the acquaintance of a stray called Bluebeard. Curious, he decides to investigate the murder and later, murders, getting himself deeply involved in a racial purifying plot helmed by an old cat called Claudandus.

With the help of Bluebeard, Isaiah, Felicity, and several other cats, Francis tracks down the killer and uncovers his plot. He puts an end to it all, and the killer himself, the thought dead and deified Claudandus, who's been killing cats that he deemed "racially unfit" for several years, trying to keep his line of Felidae pure.

With Claudandus dead, the cats return to a peaceful, fear-free life.


Felidae (1994) - Full Movie - English - HQ -

Felidae (1994) - Full Movie - English - HQ -

Felidae -- German Audio (English Subtitles)

Felidae -- German Audio (English Subtitles)



  • Ulrich Tukur as Francis, a cat detective.
  • Mario Adorf as Bluebeard, a disfigured Maine Coon cat who spent his childhood in Professor Preterius' lab. He befriends Francis at the beginning of the investigation.
  • Klaus Maria Brandauer as Pascal, an elderly Havana Brown owned by Ziebold, a former colleague of Preterius.
  • Helge Schneider as Isaiah, a Persian cat and self-proclaimed "Guardian of the Dead".
  • Wolfgang Hess as Kong, a Himalayan cat who antagonizes Francis until his pregnant mate Solitaire is murdered.
  • Gerhard Garbers as Professor Julius Preterius, a previous resident of Francis's current home who attempted to create an infallible tissue adhesive by experimenting on local stray cats. He was murdered by one of his test subjects, Claudandus.
  • Ulrich Wildgruber as Joker, the high priest of the Claudandus sect.
  • Mona Seefried as Felicity, a Russian Blue who lost her eyesight as a kitten.
  • Manfred Steffen as Gustav Löbel, Francis's owner.
  • Uwe Ochsenknecht as Archie, Gustav's acquaintance and renovating partner.
  • Michaela Amler as Nhozemphtekh, a cat belonging to an "old and new" breed who seduces Francis.
  • Christian Schneller as Gregor Mendel, a figure in Francis's dreams.
  • Tobias Lelle and Frank Röth as the Hermanns, a pair of clipped Oriental Shorthairs who act as Kong's lackeys.
  • Alexandra Mink as Pepeline, Joker's great-granddaughter and just a kitten.

The BookEdit

The books Felidae: A Novel of Cats and Murder is largely similar to the movie. However, some tidbits about the characters are revealed, such as Bluebeard having been a victim of Preterius' experiments, Felicity having been blinded as a kitten in the labs. Some names have been changed: for example, Isaiah was original Jesaja. Instead of being cut open from chest to groin, Claudandus is killed in much less exaggerated way: by having his throat slit.

The SeriesEdit

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The success of the first book would kick off a series that would run until 2012. In totality, Felidae has 8 books, all of which follow Francis.

The SoundtrackEdit

Felidae features a score with a total of sixteen songs on it. The most prominent song is "Felidae" by Boy George.