Name Felicity
Species Cat
Status Deceased
Affiliation None
Alignment Good

Felicity was a blind female cat that Francis met whilst escaping the Cult of Claudandus.


Felicity is kind, but seems a bit absent. She denies a lot of things, like her blindness and the fact that humanity can be cruel, claiming they are the kindest creatures there are. Her self-esteem isn't great, as she refers to herself as useless.


Felicity is a white cat with wide, pale-blue eyes. Her irises are permanently slit. She has soft features and a fluffy tail. She wears a golden collar.



Decapitated Felicity

When Francis falls through a skylight, he lands in Felicity's home. They talk a bit, about her blindness, the nature of man, and finally about the murders that have been happening. They begin to talk about Claudandus, but Bluebeard appears and Francis leaves with him, promising to come back.

When he does come back, however, Felicity has been brutally murdered, a cat having torn her head clean off her shoulders. Her murder is later revealed to be Claudandus.


  • Mona Seefried is her voice actor.
  • Felicity is a Russian Blue.
  • Unlike other cats, who simply had their throats cut, Felicity was completely decapitated. This might indicate anger instead of perceived necessity on the part of the killer.