Name Deep Purple
Species Cat
Status Deceased
Affiliation Unknown
Alignment Nuetral

Deep Purple was an older cat who was murdered by Claudandus.


Deep Purple was a grizzled old cat with black fur. He has green eyes, a pink nose, and large, bushy eyebrows. His muzzle was colored, except for his lower jaw.


Bluebeard refers to him as a "tight ass". Aside from that, there are no more indications of what he may have been like.



Deceased Deep Purple

Deep Purple was an old, intact tomcat. After getting involved with one of the Felidae females, he was killed off by having his throat shredded. He is the second body Bluebeard and Francis find.


  • Deep Purple was a European Shorthair.
  • Deep Purple is mentioned in the song Felidae.

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