Cats are domestic animals and the main characters of the Felidae series.


Cats are small carnivorous creatures that were domesticated by humans. They have been present alongside humans in society for centuries, all the way back to the days of ancient egypt. Currently, they are one of the most popular pets in the world, rivaling even the Dog.

Cats are mostly solitary creatures, but have the ability to be social. A group of cats is called a colony and a colony is usually ruled by one or several female cats. Colonies form around food sources, where cats frequent a similar vicinity.

With humans, Cats are able to experience a sort of neoteny. In wild cats, only kittens meow and only at their mothers. Owned cats continue to meow well into adulthood as their "mother" -- their human -- hasn't abandoned them to fend for themselves. Cats don't meow at other cats.

Notable CatsEdit