Name Bluebeard
Species Cat
Status Alive
Affiliation Francis
Alignment Good

Bluebeard is a mangled, older cat from Felidae. He is a stray and a companion to the main character, Francis.


Bluebeard is a stout, older cat covered in injuries. He is a Maine Coon, with a docked tail, crippled forepaw, and a gouged out eye. He's mainly a burnt orange, though his face and underbelly are white. Bluebeard has yellow eyes and a tooth jutting from his bottom lip.


Bluebeard is a tough cat, with a sarcastic manner of speaking. He swears a lot, makes many references to sex, and isn't afraid to get violent. However, Francis notes that despite all his injuries he carries himself with grace and pride. He considers Francis a friend, even if he finds the younger cat irritating from time to time. Bluebeard is fearless. When Kong and Hermann and Hermann try to intimidate him, he doesn't back down.



Bluebeard, Francis, and the first body

Bluebeard is first seen when Francis investigates a cry outside his house. He sees the older cat simply sitting and observing and the two converse about the corpse before, as, and after they approach. While annoyed, Bluebeard takes an interest and a liking to Francis, keeping the younger tom posted about the newest murders. Seeing how clever Francis is, he introduces him to Pascal; he himself is only interested in the fresh liver going to the house provides.

Bluebeard accompanies Francis on many of investigations, often appearing out of nowhere. He could be considered a friend to the other cat, referring to him as such and not attacking him even though he is a part of the Claudandus Sect. For a while, he stubbornly maintains that humans are responsible for the deaths, but later is convinced that Joker is the killer. Bluebeard never figures out Claudandus, was the murderer until he himself is attacked.


Bluebeard and Francis, after the attack

Bluebeard apparently survives this attack and manages to drag himself from the burning building. Francis, after killing Claudandus, soon joins him in a bloody, exhausted mess. Bluebeard is never seen after this, but the audience is informed by Francis that he is alive.



  • Bluebeard was voiced by Mario Adorf.
  • Bluebeard may have been one of the lab cats, which is why he is so mangled.