Akif Pirinçci is the author of Felidae and co-wrote the screenplay for the movie. He is of german and turkish origin.


Pirinçci was born on October 20, 1959 in Istanbul, Turkey, but moved to Germany together with his parents a decade later. He began to write fiction at a young age, and published his first novel Tränen sind immer das Ende ("tears are always the end") at age 21, in 1980. His next literary work, published in 1989, was the novel Felidae, a work of crime fiction starring cats as the protagonists. Translated into 17 languages, the novel became an international bestseller.

Due to the enormous success of the novel, Pirinçci expanded his concept of "cat crime fiction" made a series to Felidae. Only Felidae II and Felidae V (Salve Roma!) have been translated into English. An animated movie based on Felidae was co-written by Pirinçci and produced in Germany in 1994. It was also dubbed in English.

Pirinçci has published several other non-Felidae novels – however, none of those works were as successful. However, he had some success with the thriller "The Back Door", which was adapted for the screen in Germany, with Mads Mikkelsen ("Casino Royale") as the leading man. "The Back Door" is the only standalone novel of Pirinçci's that has been translated into English.

Pirinçci currently lives in Bonn, Germany.

Other WorksEdit

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  • Der Rumpf
  • Cat Sense
  • Der letzte Weltuntergang: Krimi-Erzählungen
  • Deutschland von Sinnen: Der irre Kult um Frauen, Homosexuelle und Zuwanderer